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The Rainscreen Clip System offers protection from even the most extreme climate. Shield your home or business with Wood Haven’s rain screen exteriors.

The Rainscreen Clip™ system includes everything that you will need for a flawless facade!  Specially milled lumber in a wide variety of species, colors and widths; pre-drilled rot-resistant furring boards; painted marine-grade aluminum Rainscreen Clip™ hidden fasteners, starter clips, and screws.

Rainscreen cladding is a construction method designed to keep moisture away from the walls of a building.  A rainscreen is a cladding that is separated from the substrate wall by use of furring boards.  This separation creates an air cavity allowing any penetrating water to drain or evaporate away, rather than seeping into the structural walls, preventing mold and costly water damage.

The Rainscreen Clip™ system is a high quality solution for constructing wood rainscreen walls.  The patented siding system comes complete with everything needed to create a perfect wood rainscreen with a fastener free appearance.

∗Trim as well as other architectural millwork such as louvers and soffits are also available.

∗Factory finish is available.

∗FSC certified woods also available.

Choose the Rainscreen Clip™ system for an effective rainscreen and an absolutely beautiful, elegant  finish.

Pre-finished Select Cypress Rainscreen Clip System

Ipe Rainscreen Clip System

Ipe Rainscreen Clip System


Select Western Red Cedar Rainscreen Clip System

Select Western Red Cedar Rainscreen Clip System










The Rainscreen Clip™ system is very versatile and can be installed horizontally or vertically!

Rainscreen Wall Detail



Vertical Rainscreen Clip system elevation

This drawing depicts the Rainscreen Clip system installed vertically.

 Why should I use the Rainscreen Clip™ system?

  • The elegant and modern appearance has strong visual appeal.
  • Long life and durability assures that it will look beautiful for years, with little or no maintenance.
  • Easy installation with our specially milled lumber, patented hidden fasteners and pre-drilled furring strips.
  • Back-ventilated to provide rapid drying after moisture infiltration virtually eliminating cupping, twisting, and fungal growth. The system may also help reduce energy costs in the summer.
  • The versatility of Rainscreen Clip™ makes it ideal for an array of applications, both interior and exterior, horizontal and vertical
  • The Rainscreen Clip ™ system is designed for easy deconstruction so the entire system is easily reusable.

A Complete Rainscreen Cladding System
The Rainscreen Clip™ takes the drilling out of the equation AND makes installation fast, easy, secure and invisible!












Create a spectacular facade with The Rainscreen Clip™

The Rainscreen Clip™ system is the best way to fasten wood rainscreen siding
without all the drilling and exposed fasteners!


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