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This Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba) deck nicely compliments the facade of this home. This wood is very durable and rot resistant.  The Deck Clip™ hidden fastener is the perfect hardware for this deck.  By eliminating unsightly screw heads the beauty of the wood remains unmarred and the integrity of the wood is preserved.

Bare feet are safe from rogue screw heads on this Cumaru deck assembled using the Deck Clip™.  Cumaru is one of the densest woods available and is quite durable.   Because of the density of the wood, installers will be relieved to use the Deck Clip™ hidden fasteners which do not require drilling into the boards.

This interior wall is Cumaru and constructed using the Rainscreen Clip™ system for a sleek fastener free appearance.  The pattern is a 5” repeat.  Cumaru is a gorgeous and durable wood and will add warmth the walls of the EPA regional office building in Lenexa Kansas.




This Rainscreen Clip™ application uses Ipê siding.  It is installed on a student center at Gallaudet University in Washington DC.  The siding in this case runs vertically and is a “random” mix of 3” and 5” repeat boards.  Ipê is a very good choice.  It offers a stunning appearance and incredible durability.

The exterior of the EPA regional office in Lenexa Kansas is clad in the Cumaru Rainscreen Clip™ system.  This is the 5” pattern.  The interesting grain of the Cumaru wood and the slight variation in tone that is characteristic of Cumaru adds texture and interest to this exterior.

This is a great example of the Rainscreen Clip™ system which highlights the versatility of the cladding system.  The Cedar siding rounds the bend on this building without a problem.  This building, located in Chicago shows how untreated cedar grays into a pleasing and consistent silvery tone.



This commercial entryway is attractive and inviting.  The Massa Rainscreen Clip™ system was installed in this small area but made a big difference in the aesthetics of the building facade   The polished fastener free appearance of the Rainscreen Clip™ system holds up to close inspection and is great for highlighting doors and windows.

The lower portion of this home in  Kansas is clad in Massa Rainscreen Clip™ system siding.  It stands out as a gem in the neighborhood.  Stucco and wood has become a popular combination for good reason.  The two materials complement each other nicely.  This home has fantastic curb  appeal.



The rear of the same home in Kansas really shows the beauty of this South American hardwood.  The boards have some color variance.  The rich deep reddish hues of the Massa wood wear well and the wood Rainscreen provides a secure and lasting finish for the home’s exterior.


This relaxing roof top deck makes great use of the Rainscreen Clip™ system.  The fireplace and surrounding features are clad in stained Cumaru using the Rainscreen Clip™ system.  The Rainscreen Clip™ system’s simple, modern appearance and the traditional beauty of the wood create an inviting and elegant space.


Massa Rainscreen Clip™ system adorns this Chicago Row house.  It is an attractive and natural choice for the building’s exterior.  The rich warm tone works well with the eclectic facades of the urban environment.  Massa is very durable and rot resistant; using this wood with the Rainscreen Clip™ system creates a safe and secure building envelope.


This welcome Ipê deck is constructed using the Deck Clip™.  What a perfect combination.  Not only does the Deck Clip™ installation look fabulous but the Ipê Decking is so much easier to work with when using Wood Haven, Inc.’s proprietary hidden fastener system, and the boards will be held securely in place.


Cumaru is a fantastic choice for high traffic areas.  You want to spend time on your deck relaxing and enjoying friends and family, not with constant maintenance.  You should choose a super-dense durable decking such as Cumaru for a worry free outdoor living area.

This well designed composite deck in installed using the Deck Clip™.  The Deck Clip™ will work well with any decking material that can be milled to shape!  The builder and home owner were both thrilled with the finish product and the ease of installation.

The Massa Rainscreen Clip™ cladding on this modern renovation project brings this home to life!  This is a perfect example of how nicely wood Rainscreen compliments other  materials in modern designs. The reddish hues of the Massa are eye catching and contribute to great curb appeal on this home is Kansas City  Missouri.


This home in New Jersey has the Massa Rainscreen Clip™ system installed surrounding certain architectural features.  The cladding system nicely highlights areas of the home and works beautifully with the overall design.  The resilience and durability of Massa ensures that this house will be a gem in the neighborhood for years to come.

Wood Haven, Inc. milled the wood for the exterior of the Boston Museum of Modern Art.  The wood specie is Santa Maria.  This is a very durable wood which is important.  This beautiful structure is located along the Boston Harbor and must withstand the harsh conditions.


This dry cleaning store in Texas is dressed in the best.  The entryway is Select Western Red Cedar Rainscreen constructed using the Rainscreen Clip system.  The pillars are also wrapped in Western Red Cedar from Wood Haven, Inc.



houzz interior design ideas