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Wood Haven, Inc. is the Home of the Rainscreen Clip™ and the Deck Clip™ hidden deck fastener.

Wood Haven Inc.  is a specialty lumber distributor and manufacturer in the heart of the Midwest.  We are an independent, family-run business in Perry, KS. Wood Haven’s experts in Exterior wood rainscreen and conventional wood siding and Interior Wood Products are available to help with all of your Custom Wood needs.                                                                                                                                           Wood Haven, Inc, your source for high quality Ipe, Massaranduba, Cumaru, Garapa, Genuine Mahogany, Cypress, Cedar, and so much more! 

We have engineered and manufactured some of the finest hidden fastener products available on the market today, the Deck Clip™ and Rainscreen Clip™. The best hidden fasteners to use for your wood rainscreen and decking needs! Wood Haven’s wood rainscreen or Lamboo® rainscreen is ideal for new construction or renovation projects.  Wood Haven’s hidden fastener for rainscreen cladding – the Rainscreen Clip™ – was the first of it’s kind on the market and remains the only system sold as a complete unit including everything needed to construct a proper Rainscreen wall; milled siding boards in your choice of fine wood species or Lamboo®, pre-drilled furring boards, Rainscreen Clips™, starter clips and screws.

∗∗Pre-finishing is also available!

∗∗Wood Haven, Inc. now offers factory applied fire resistant coating for wood      siding.

FEATURED LINK:  Here is a good article featuring our friend, Brian Faust of Faust Construction in Kansas City. Brian, who has used Wood Haven’s all natural Wood Rainscreen on a number of projects had this to say, “There’s also little forgiveness. With modern, there’s no crown molding and base; everything is exposed. What you do is what you end up with. And there’s so much natural light, you see everything. So, you have to use quality materials and good subs.”
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Wood – an Environmentally Friendly, Sustainable Building Material.  Wood Haven sells only high quality, responsible sourced imported and domestic woods.  The options are nearly endless with woods ranging from Cypress to Genuine Mahogany.  We also offer a factory finish providing many color options to best suit your project.  Many of the 100% natural woods we sell are naturally resistant to rot, fungus, and insects.

Information on Cumaru 

Information on Cypress

Information on Garapa

Information on Massaranduba

Information on Ipe

Information on Genuine Mahogany

Information on Western Red Cedar

Lamboo – Wood Haven evaluated many bamboo composite materials on the market before entering into a business agreement with the Lamboo Corporation.  This Illinois based company is the leader in the technologies and manufacturing of performance based bamboo.  Lamboo is very stable, non toxic, possesses natural anti-microbial properties, and is pest resistant.  The scientist with Lamboo have isolated 4 out of the 1600 species of bamboo to ensure the highest performance and uniformity.
Information on Lamboo Rainscreen
Thermally treated wood – is said to have increased stability and durability.  This is because 95% of the polysaccharides are removed during the thermo-treatment process.  A nice side benefit is that the thermal treatment process enhances the woods color creating an even brown tint that is consistant beyond the surface of the board.  Chemicals are not used during the thermal treatment process,so the material is environmentally safe.  Thermally treated wood is ideal for high moisture environments such as boardwalks, areas around swimming pools, and in kitchens and bathrooms.
Information on Thermally Treated Wood

The key to sustainable building design is to incorporate many different ecologically friendly elements which work together to extend the life of the building materials, conserve energy and other resources, and reduce maintenance and repair throughout the life of the building.
One of the cardinal rules of green living is to invest in quality items that don’t need to be replaced very often.

Wood vs. Other Building Materials
1. Wood products continue to store the carbon sequestered by trees. When trees are converted into wood products most of the sequestered carbon is contained in those products indefinitely-keeping it out of the atmosphere.
2. LCA studies show that wood has a substantially smaller carbon footprint than other building materials. Most notable is the significant volume of greenhouse gas emissions avoided by substituting wood products for concrete and steel – both strong contributors in high amounts of CO2 emissions.)
3. After decades or even centuries of use, wood buildings can be easily adapted or deconstructed and reused, which means they can continue to store carbon indefinitely

Reclaimed Wood
Look at Wood Haven’s reclaimed wood for a beautiful sheen and patina. Reclaimed wood provides a unique look and is very durable. Often the boards available in reclaimed offerings are long and wide, a desirable characteristic that can be hard to find in recently harvested timber.
A consumer should not expect to pay a reduced rate for this because it is a reused material. The global demand for reclaimed wood is increasing rapidly. The wood requires considerable labor to rid it of metal debris and to work the wood to be suitable for use in its intended application. But the quality, beauty, durability, and environmentally friendly traits are well worth the investment. Reclaimed woods are commonly used for flooring, decking, siding, and other architectural features.

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